We’re happy to announce that Multivest finance will be working with Suterusu to incorporate new privacy features to the Multivest Finance network

Multivest Finance will integrate Suterusu’s second-layer protocols to provide privacy for transactions and data for our decentralized BTC pegged, mBTC and our governance token, MVT.

Multivest is an open-source Defi project that enables Bitcoin Holders to take advantage of Defi related products & services such as; lending, liquidity mining etc, as it relates to Bitcoin.

Suterusu brings ZCash-level privacy to any blockchain platform or application. It integrates a state of the art trustless ZK-SNARK scheme with nearly constant…

multivest finance

Multivest finance is the go to platform for everything DEFI. Multivest enabling cross-chain asset investment. 1mBTC = 1BTC.

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